DCR Episode 51 - Jared Hazen

Jared Hazen in his happy place. Photo: Stephen Kersh

Jared Hazen in his happy place. Photo: Stephen Kersh

It’s our birthday!! So we are giving you the present of A) Jared Hazen and B) the correct way to say Coconino (COKE-A-NINO). Jared Hazen is the second-fastest person ever to run the Western States Endurance Run, with a time of 14:26:46. Eugene and Matt attempted to do the math on Hazen’s average pace at kilometer 61 of the WUU2k last week and failed miserably, BUT, the man is fast. Bested only by his training partner, and fellow Coconino Cowboy, Jim Walmsley. Jared, at 24, has had a career that many older athletes could only dream of, this being his third WSER. Jared started running ultra marathons at 17 and has dedicated a significant portion of the last 7 years to the study of the sport which he is “head over heels” with. This is a beautiful conversation with a wonderful man..of course we touch on the WSER, but we also go back to the start, and discuss Jared’s early years, the support and challenges he experienced being so young in the sport, and his bond with Walmsley, which in the end, was instrumental in Jared moving to Flagstaff and becoming a cowboy. We couldn’t sit on this banger of an episode any longer and had to get it out. Thanks for helping line it up for us, Logan Austin! And Happy birthday to us.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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