DCR Episode 52 - 1st birthday live show ft Andrew McDowall and Katie Wright

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Kia ora Whanau. We would like to thank you for being with us for the first year of Dirt Church Radio. What follows is the live recording of our  special at Hallertau Brewery. Eugene, Matt, and a barrell room full of enthusiastic trail runners reflect on the year that was, highlights, more highlights, and an enduring love of sharing interesting conversations with interesting runners. We speak to Andrew McDowall about backing up in the silver fern for the 24 world championships and moving his family to France for 3 months so that he can tackle UTMB. What follows after this is a betrayal of Shakespearean proportions, Matt and Shaun Collins (the problematic step father of trail running and Lactic Turkey head honcho) turn the mic onto Eugene Bingham in a DCR ambush. As you will hear, Eugene is reticent to a fault, and far more comfortable telling other people’s stories rather than his own, and at the risk of him editing this part out as he loads it (DON’T BRO!!!) Eugene has been running for as long as he can remember and spends his life telling important stories. Eugene currently works for as an investigations and special projects journalist for Stuff. His career in journalism has spanned over 25 years in which he has covered a number of roles including producer, editor, and writer. Eugene lives with his wife Suzanne, herself an incredibly talented journalist and broadcaster and  our editor Kieran, (which sounds weird until you consider that Keiren is the couple’s son). 

Eugene has been running for most of his life and I couldn’t list the number of races that he has taken part of (not that he would tell you). I will tell you this though, his marathon PB is 2:43:46 which he set as part of the gold medal winning team at the national champs. And he still goes under 20 for a five km. We also talk to Dr Katie Wright about her pending Big’s Backyard trip, there are stories, a live Greatest Run Ever, prizes, games, and more.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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