DCR Episode 50 - Gareth Thomas and the WUU2K Special

Matt and Eugene all smiles at the finish - Eugene was not smiling on the downhills…Matt was beaming even more.

Matt and Eugene all smiles at the finish - Eugene was not smiling on the downhills…Matt was beaming even more.

Kia Ora whanau!! For our second ever race special Eugene and Matt took a tilt at the (if not by now) soon-to-be-iconic WUU2K- The Wellington Urban Ultramarathon. The race is the brainchild of Wellington’s Gareth Thomas, a dyed-in-the-wool creative who decided that the trails he and his friends ran in the hills surrounding Wellington would make a pretty decent race if you strung them together and whaddayaknow? Four years ago the WUU2K was born. I mean, gosh…. This race is as brutal as it is beautiful and we had a blast. Eugene and Matt had the best adventure  with their multicultural crew of Aukilagi dandies, aaaand got served up the best gut-busting climbs and life affirming descents that the 04 had to offer. It was Triumphal. Epochal. Meeeeean as. 

We dive deep into the race, going over the winners and detailing our experiences. Of course we had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Thompson, the New Zealand Trail Running Champion, about his race at the World Champs in Portugal. We talk to Alex Futterman, who was at the WUU2K from the USA on a writer’s grant, interviewing participants about why they do what they do. We also speak to Gareth Thomas about his life of creativity and running. With Matt having to dip on the prize giving to catch a flight back to The People’s Utopia of Riverhead Eugene spoke to Mel Atiken about her course record  in the team race, a destroyed (but happy) Gareth, and Thee Dave Jack, Florida Gentleman, Insta-Dave, and a person who decided that the WUU2K would make a perfect first ever ultra. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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