DCR Episode 28 - Tim Sutton

Tim Sutton out in his element Photo: Sean Beale

Tim Sutton out in his element Photo: Sean Beale

Kia Ora Whanau. So often in trail running, the quality of adventure is measured by us stepping outside of our usual surrounds. Somehow, a hill that we’ve not climbed before takes on more meaning than one we have, or a sunrise somewhere else becomes more epic than our own domestic sunshine.   Tim Sutton knocks that paradigm on his head with his focus on Adventure as something that you do where you are. We can’t underscore the importance of this message: Adventure where you are, on your own terms. No matter what you do or where you are, you can always push your limits. Tim exemplifies this approach in spades. Hailing from Wellington, Tim spends the majority of his time running local trails and surrounds, heading off on monthly adventures into the Tarawera ranges and has completed multiple iterations of the Schormann- Kaitoke traverse. This 77-82 km traverse with 6800m of elevation was first conceived in 1963 by trampers as a 7 day traverse, now being knocked out several times under 24 hours by Tim and his fellow Tararua adventurers. Having a reputation for being as fast as he is adventurous, Tim was amongst the first group of competitors to take on The Revenant. We discuss this, his journey from multisport to trails, to adventure, to family man, and much much more on this week’s episode of Dirt Church Radio. Enjoy!

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