DCR Episode 29 - Kelton Wright, Jeff Browning and Grant Guise

Kelton Wright Photo: Tracy L Chandler

Kelton Wright Photo: Tracy L Chandler

Kia Ora Whanau. This week’s episode of Dirt Church Radio is pretty much the complete package. Big call, we know.. but whakarongo mai whilst we break this down... A little race happened on the weekend, heard of it? Yeah. Tarawera, and by all accounts it slayed, being the biggest and most successful iteration of the race yet. We have a quick catch up with the men’s 100 mile winner Jeff Browning, aka Bronco Billy, aka The Finisher, aka the star of DCR #10 about his win against the indomitable Camille Heron, which included wrong turns and a phenomenal effort from Jeff in the last 40km. As a bonus bonus we speak to Jeff’s over-friendly concierge (Malkmus 1997) Grant Guise, who in addition to having the best tache in the game, placed 3rd overall in the 100 miler and was the second man home. So for the deep dark dank running heads we have the ephemera in spades.  You want splits, catch ups, fuelling strategies? We got that for you.

Moving to parts that are more philosophical in nature, our main conversation this week is with Kelton Wright. Kelton is an author, trail runner, and cyclist from Topanga California. Kelton is also  the Editorial Director of Movement and Sport for Headspace, the mindfulness and meditation app currently taking the world by storm (a calm storm, though). Being present and being able to sit with our thoughts rather than become caught up in them is universally beneficial, both within our lives as runners, and without it. So often our training, approach to competition, the manner we deal with injuries, and the way that our relationships in this community resonate within us can be negatively affected by our attachment to thought. Mindfulness, which, as Kelton points out has been in an out of vogue for at least 3000 years in one form or another, can help us to be the best us we can. We speak with Kelton about her journey with mindful practice, and how this practice can benefit the wider community. We discuss Kelton’s journey with Headspace and the exciting shift in performance based focus towards a more mindful approach. To Eugene’s horror talk shifts to Mountain Lions and we consider just how in the moment you would need to be if you had to strangle one to death if it attacked you. Kelton’s generosity and candor is wonderful and we truly appreciated being able to speak to someone who integrates a mindful approach into performance and a trail runner who, for what feels like a first on DCR, is not training for an ultra marathon. Go Kelton! Enjoy!

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