DCR Episode 27 - Weston Hill

Weston Hill - runner and adventure-seeker

Weston Hill - runner and adventure-seeker

Kia Ora Whanau. This week, Weston Hill and the No-Plan-Plan. Eugene and Matt speak with Weston Hill, who tore it up in Europe last season following his nose and the No-Plan-Plan. Weston first came to our attention as the young kiwi ripper who paced Grant Guise at his 2017 Hardrock attempt, then came 13th out of 1900 runners at one of Europe’s premier races. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here..Rewind a couple years and Weston was working as an engineer in Christchurch. He had to make a decision between a stimulating and structured career path vs. taking his chances to follow his dream of racing in Europe. After sage advice from an older head at work, Weston was off to the USA, to tour around in a cheap van, eating scrambled eggs, top and tailing with Majell Backhausen, and running with Ricky Gates on his transamericana run. Oh yeah, Weston then went on to work out a hamstring injury by hiking for 30 days in Nepal on his way to 13th place at the 102 km CCC at the UTMB festival and 3rd at the Leye China 100 in 2018. Weston takes on a  ripping yarn in every sense of the word and we’re certain that this is a young man who has a massive future on the international running scene. Weston embodies the adventurous spirit that we celebrate in our community, and is well and truly grabbing life by the scruff and giving it a good shake. Oh, yeah, the kid can write too…. Bastard. Enjoy!

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