Episode 61 - Lisa Tamati

Lisa Tamati in her beloved Taranaki

Lisa Tamati in her beloved Taranaki

Kia Ora Whanau. This week Eugene and Matt speak with Lisa Tamati about love, loss, change, and whanau. Lisa’s list of accomplishments is well known, having completed over 140 ultra marathons and being the first Kiwi woman to finish the Badwater 135. Lisa has raced the Sahara and Gobi deserts as well as the Australian outback the himalayas, as well as running the length of New Zealand for Curekids and CanTeen. Lisa is an author, motivational speaker, coach, trainer, and entrepreneur, as well as hosting her own podcast, Pushing The Limits. Oh, yes. Lisa is also the author of three books. And that’s why she joins us this week. To discuss her new book, Relentless, which documents Lisa’s efforts to rehabilitate her mother, after a devastating medical event. Raw, honest, funny, driven, and tenacious, this conversation really pinpoints what is truly important in this world, that it doesn’t matter how far you can run if you don’t have anything to come home to, and that you must always, always, have hope. Lisa Tamati is the Wahine Toa of Ultramarathon running and we were so honoured to have her as a guest on the podcast. Enjoy.

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