Episode 60 - Scotty Hawker, UTMB

That moment…. Photo: Jose Miguel Muñoz

That moment…. Photo: Jose Miguel Muñoz

Kia Ora Whanau. This week, Eugene has the distinct pleasure of welcoming back to the show Scotty Hawker. Scotty had unfinished business with UTMB this year, after having to pull the pin with 30 miles to go in 2018 in fifth place. Scotty did what elite athletes do, and went back to work, addressing the issues that had ended his 2018 race and built towards 2019 and what would be the standout performance of his career (so far). 

Eugene and Scotty talk about the race, the lead up, his struggles, and how he overcame them. 

As per the regular, Eugene and Matt discuss the news, Stuff You Should Know, Greatest Run Ever and we catch up with Brook Van Reenen, who is currently in the 09 on his Te Araroa Adventure. Enjoy!!

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