Episode 54 - Fiona Love

Fiona Love’s long charge to victory at WUU2K

Fiona Love’s long charge to victory at WUU2K

Kia ora Whanau. This week, Eugene speaks to Fiona Love, winner of the 2019 WUU2k 63km. That’s right. The mighty DCR robot had to split into its component flannel shirts for this episode, with Matt on Whanau duties Eugene had to bring it on home solo with the mighty Fiona Love. Fiona is relatively new to the ultra marathon scene, heck, WUU2k was her FIRST ONE (for those of you who’ve not run WUU2k forgive the emotion of capital letters, for those of you who have...right???). Fiona and Eugene discuss fitting running around life and not the other way ‘round, Fiona’s peak km’s leading up to WUU2k were around 45 a week with an occasional longer run thrown in. Fiona, who was born in Italy to British parents found her first love in triathlon, rising to the top levels of the sport with a qualification to race Ironman Kona in Hawaii. Fiona came to New Zealand for the Ironman and loved it so much she stayed. Fiona talks about her love of running on all surfaces, her goals for this next stage of racing, including UTMB, and just what Gordon Ramsay (Yes, that Gordon Ramsay) said to her when she blatted by him in a race. As well as this, Eugene and Matt will be bringing you news, results, digression, Stuff you Should Know and Greatest Run Ever. Dirt Church Radio is For the People!  Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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