Episode 55 - Ultra Chef Pat Bowring

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In 2012 Executive chef Pat Bowring was at the top of his game in the hospitality industry, running several restaurants, and living the relentless and hedonistic lifestyle of a professional chef. It was at this point that he realised that he needed to make, in his own words, some significant changes in his life. So, as most of us do, or have done at one point in our lives, Pat started running. Run by run, Pat found his focus increasing, along with his well being. Fast forward 7 years and Pat is a Salomon and Ciele sponsored athlete, a coach, and an enthusiastic advocate for a life spent moving in the outdoors. Pat still works as an executive chef, however balances this with his family and training commitments. 

Matt spoke to Pat about all this and more, there were plenty of laughs, ripping yarns, and thoughtful insights into what it means to move, the joy of ultra marathon running and a life spent connecting with others on this week’s Dirt Church Radio. Enjoy. 

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