DCR Episode 47 - Mathieu Dore

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Kia Ora whanau!! These days with running it can feel that is not just about running, you know? There is always someone around the corner saying that we need to do this, that, and the other thing to maximise our enjoyment of the thing we love the most. Can it be that to enjoy more of what we love, especially as we get older, we need to do other things? Well. Yes. If we take the view that running and movement is something that we  are designed to do and our ancestors did it all the time and were fine, we also need to consider that our ancestors lived an active lifestyle. The notion of running for a strictly pleasurable activity is a relatively new concept, the notion of expecting that an hour a day of activity surrounded by a sedentary existence would be even more of a head scratcher. We need to do things to keep us running well and maximise our running lives. That’s why this week Matt speaks to Mathieu Doré, a strength and conditioning coach based in Albury New South Wales. Originally from Montréal, Mathieu spent some time in Australia before moving back home for a few years and then, as you do, finding his way back down under thanks to the love of a good woman. We discuss Mathieu’s journey from an Ice Hockey player who ran with his twin brother in the off season to a bone fide track runner to adventure racer, ultra marathoner, and everything in between, not to mention is whirlwind Boston 2:45/Marriage/Travel episode...Regardless of the distance and surface that Mathieu is running on, strength training plays a major part in his training and strategy for wellbeing. This is an excellent conversation which focuses on how taking a wider approach to your running wellbeing can enhance and promote your running wellbeing. You also get, for your listening pleasure, Eugene and Matt falling over themselves with excitement at being reunited. You’ll get bonus digression, secret codes, fake news (alleged), Greatest Run Ever, Stuff You Should Know..DIGRESSION, and just who the hell is Glenn Kirby?  Enjoy!!

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