DCR Episode 46 - Josh Komen

Josh Komen, athlete and battler

Josh Komen, athlete and battler

Kia Ora whanau. Josh Komen grew up on the West Coast of the South Island and spent most of his younger years outside with the sky and ridges as boundaries. Josh loved movement and physicality- playing rugby league and running with past and future legends Ruth Croft, Eddie Gray, and Boston Marathon winner Dave McKenzie. Josh, as many people on The Coast do, equated being busy with being happy. So Josh would wake up every morning, put in a 10 hour shift maintaining  the high power lines that link the West Coast of the South Island to the grid, then chop and collect firewood, then he would run. Fast. Josh was one New Zealand’s brightest track talents, heading to the next Commonwealth Games in the 800m when his life changed forever when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. What follows is the most unalloyed and powerful conversation we have ever had on Dirt Church Radio. We talk about Josh’s journey through two cancer diagnoses, a stem cell transplant, and how in trying to save his life, it was nearly ended.  Josh discusses his darkest times with a disarming frankness and ultimately, this is a conversation about how fear, rage, and despair can be bested by acceptance, connection, and love. It is clear to hear Josh tell it, that these hard learned lessons are absolutely applicable in everyday life. And despite all that Josh has lost, Josh continues to live his life by these values. We are so privileged to have been able to speak with Josh, and are delighted to share our conversation with you. Enjoy.

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