DCR Episode 36 - Luke McCallum

Luke McCallum at work in Kenya Photo: @ufnoof

Luke McCallum at work in Kenya Photo: @ufnoof

Dirt Church Radio 035 - How often does it seem within our running culture that more is more? And how often has this approach been ruinous to our physiological and psychological wellbeing? Luke McCallum is a man who knows this to be true. A massage therapist employed by Sports Lab (who also has a tidy 70 minute half marathon pb) Luke spent two months on a working holiday in Iten, Kenya. Whilst in Iten Luke worked and trained at the camp run by marathon legend Mary Keitany and gained an insight into what constitutes the life of an elite distance athlete. Now home, Luke sits with us and shares his insights on wellbeing, his own journey towards peak performance and, in how many ways, less is indeed more. Along the way, a shambolic Matt (battling what he is sure is Smallpox) and a calm (if not long-suffering and paint-splattered) Eugene bring you the regular DCR goodness of Greatest Run Ever, Stuff you Should Know and our rapture about a little race that happened in Tennessee. We even manage to draw our Ciele competition, despite confusing a Random Number Generator with a Random Name Generator.  Enjoy!

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