DCR Episode 35 - Holly Page


Kia Ora Whanau, this week we have the distinct pleasure of speaking to Holly Page. Holly is far from a regular runner in the sense that she is the current Migu Run Skyrunning World Series champion. Holly very much is a regular runner in that she won said world series with a full time job, no major sponsorship, and perhaps a less than concrete manner of getting from race to race (read: hitch hiking). Holly has a refreshing take on running, where it fits in her life and how she refuses to make it the central thing in her life, at the expense of adventures, spontaneity, and flexibility (in the wider sense, not personal flexibility.  as we find out, Holly can’t touch her toes). We speak to Holly from the Canary Islands, where she is attending a training camp for her new sponsor, Adidas. Beer in hand and fresh from an assault on the buffett, Holly regaled us with tales of adventure, why she will never not run up a mountain if she feels like it, and that a clean (ish) sock is a perfectly acceptable means of ensuring one doesn’t miss out on one’s daily coffee. We also talk about sky running (sort of), training (sort of), Holly’s near death experience on Mt Blanc and the exploits of her equally intrepid brother. This is an exceptionally good conversation and we can’t wait to share it with you. Enjoy!

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