DCR Episode 24 - Courtney Dauwalter

Courtney Dauwalter winning WSER Photo: Melissa Ruse

Courtney Dauwalter winning WSER Photo: Melissa Ruse

Kia Ora Whanau, Welcome back!! To paraphrase Run The Jewels, when we started this podcast we didn’t have no arc, no plan, and certainly no expectations. Every week it seems that we are staring over the microphone at each other, shaking our heads at the pearls of wisdom that each person we are privileged enough to speak with drops on us. Courtney Dauwalter is no exception. Although perhaps she is an exception as we were both the most nervous we’ve ever been talking to anyone on DCR. Like, ever.  Last year, Courtney’s performances transcended the niche world of trail and ultra (and ultra ultra ultra) running and burst onto the mainstream. Courtney garnered extensive coverage in the New York Times, and had an intimate chat with Joe Rogan on his podcast (don’t worry, we had to Google him too). Courtney is the current 2018 Western States, UTMF, Sean O’Brien 100k, Squamish 50 mile AND Tahoe 200 mile champion (finishing 2nd overall at that race) however is probably best known for her utter domination of the Moab 240 mile in 2017 and finishing 2nd overall at last year’s  Big Backyard Ultra, running 279.168 miles. We talk about all this, sort of, Courtney’s philosophy on competition, distance, and training and much more (including, but not limited to, Fargo, Prince, Nordic Skiing, Funny Accents, Animal Jokes, and, most importantly for Matt, Lord of The Rings) in this wonderful conversation. We are beyond stoked to be back for 2019 and beyond beyond stoked to start off with such an amazing human as Courtney. We must give thanks to Mark from Tailwind NZ for facilitating the conversation. Thanks brother! Lastly, look out for Courtney at the Tarawera 102 km this February, where no doubt Courtney will be in hot contention for the win. Enjoy!

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