DCR Episode 25 - Anna Frost

Picture: James Q Martin and Merrell

Picture: James Q Martin and Merrell

Kia Ora Whanau. Anna Frost is arguably the most successful trail and ultra running export New Zealand has produced and the person Eugene and Matt both had at the top of their “must talk to” lists from day one. Anna burst onto the scene in what was the first wave of the professional ultra athlete, running for the mighty Salomon team. Going from spending weeks travelling around Europe partying and sleeping in the back of a station wagon to pulling on the white strip and racing for a European giant, Anna was catapulted into the media at the same time as other famous names such as Anton Krupicka, Scott Jurek,Geoff Roes and others. International success came however with not an inconsiderable amount of challenge for Anna. Fast forward ten years and Anna is now running for Merrell and co owns Trail Run Adventures with her husband, which brings people to beautiful parts of the world for trail running trips. We spoke to Anna via phone from her home town of Dunedin, where she is enjoying a much welcomed rest and awaiting the arrival of the couple’s first baby. Anna talks candidly, openly, and movingly  about her journey with running, the successes and costs, and her abiding love for the sport. This was a true highlight for us and we are thankful for having the opportunity to speak to one of the legends of our sport. Enjoy!


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