Episode 57 - Dr John Onate II

Dr John Onate at some race, somewhere…apparently it’s famous?

Dr John Onate at some race, somewhere…apparently it’s famous?

Kia Ora Whanau.Last time Matt spoke to Dr John Onate, they were sitting in Matt’s lounge in the heat, luxuriating after a beautiful trail run and drinking a cold beer. This time, Dr John is calling in from a sweltering Sacramento and Eugene and Matt are shivering in the Auckland rain. This episode of Dirt Church Radio covers the topics of running and depression. Mental health is an increasingly important topic in both the trail and ultra running world and the world in general, but how much do we really know about depression? and how can running  affect it and what are the advantages and challenges of such an approach? Does running really work as well as an antidepressant? And if so, why doesn’t everybody run? This conversation is important and we are very thankful for Dr John for making time to speak with us before he jets off the the UTMB festival to have a crack at the CCC. As Dr John has already been on the show we forgo the Greatest Run Ever for the “Greatest example of you helping someone at Devil’s Thumb during Western States when you were aid station captain”. Just roollls off the tounge doesn’t it? As a bonus, we also speak to Brook Van Reenen just before he sets off for his Te Araroa attempt which we wish him every success with. Brook is also raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation during his endevor. A warning, this podcast does deal with the topic of suicide. Please be aware, and take care of yourself. Thank you and enjoy.

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