DCR Episode 39 - Zach Miller

Zac Miller in his element. Photo: Aaron Colussi

Zac Miller in his element. Photo: Aaron Colussi

Kia Ora whanau. This week it is Matt’s turn to spread his wings and wobble away from the nest on his solo conversation with the one and only Zach Miller. Exploding onto the ultra scene in 2013 out of nowhere (okay, a cruise ship) with a win at the JFK 50 mile, Zach followed up the next year with a win at Lake Sonoma, has gone on to become the first American man to win CCC and is the 2015 and 2016 The North Face Endurance Challenge champion. Cool. That’s the pro-by-the-numbers part over, as Zach Miller is nothing about Zach that is by-the-numbers. Matt spoke to Zach at Peter Maksimow’s house in Manitou Springs Colorado for an amazing conversation about Zach’s roll at the iconic Barr Camp, life at 10,00 feet, Zach’s love of adventure and the challenges  of training in challenging environments. We discuss managing self imposed pressure, injuries, and a new project that Zach is working on with The North Face that is still under wraps. Oh, and *spoiler alert* Zach’s focus remains on UTMB. This conversation is most excellent and we sincerely hope you like it.  Enjoy!

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