DCR Episode 33 - Gareth Morris

Gareth Morris on the charge at RivRam

Gareth Morris on the charge at RivRam

Kia Ora Whanau. With Matt out the weekend after Riverhead Rampage, Eugene took the reins and steered the ship into shore (ummm?) with an incredibly interesting conversation with Gareth Morris. Gareth is an elite athlete in his own right, winning a silver medal at the 21st Commonwealth Games in 2018 as part of the Queen’s Prize Pairs rifle event for Team Cymru. Gareth is no slouch on the trails either, completing numerous road and trail marathons and this year coming 14th at the Tarawera 100 mile endurance run with a time of 23:33:49. Can an elite mindset translate from the range to the trails? Gareth and Eugene discuss this and more, including Gareth’s history with both sports, his love of the trails and his approach to  planning, presence, and de-constructing the whole into component parts to achieve success. Gareth fits the bill of interesting runner to a tee and was of the first people we both thought of on our original list of people we wanted to speak to for DCR. Sorry we were so slow off the mark, Gareth! We also break down the weekend’s racing, and as always we’ll have our Greatest Run Ever and Stuff You Should Know segments (now with added sting!). We discover how tired Matt needs to be to suffer amnesia on waking, and just what was making that terrifying noise in the den of awfulness at Riverhead Trig.  Enjoy!

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