DCR Episode 31 - Camille Herron

Winning! Photo: Conor Holt

Winning! Photo: Conor Holt

Kia Ora Whanau. Camille Herron sucks the marrow out of the long bones of life. The Comrades Champion and  five-time world record holder ( 50 and 100 miles on the road, 100 miles, 12 hours and 24 hours on the track) was involved in a car accident days before she was to fly down to Aotearoa/New Zealand to compete in the 2019 Tarawera 100 mile endurance run. Emerging from the upside down wreck of her car shaken and bruised, Camille’s determination to live was further enhanced. Good fortune, excellent genes and a resolute attitude saw Camille in Rotorua a matter of days later with her beloved husband Conor where she drank the beer, ate the Burger Fuel, and tore Tarawera to pieces, leading outright until Jeff Browning caught her on the last technical aspects of the 100 mile, as Camille discussed “I’m still learning” about trail running having come from a road background. Heavens-to-betsy what Camille will be like when she feels she’s mastered technical running? And for reference, ask Zach Marrion, who destroyed himself in a vain attempt to chase Camille down. Gosh..where do you start with such a story?  After triple shot long blacks, hearts beating like hummingbird’s wings, Eugene and Matt sat down with the joyful and mighty Camille to talk about all this and more; her journey towards track and ultra success honed practicing basketball in the heat till she passed out AT SEVEN YEARS OLD, Just why gender doesn’t matter in terms of competition, how many IPAs is too many in a hundred mile race ( and can you be scientific about it?). Above all, during this most glorious chat Camille reinforced again and again and again that our lives are fleeting, and we have the most wonderfully capable bodies, so do all the things, move a lot, drink all the beers if it works for you (and others), have a taco, and above all else, LIVE. This was a true privilege and even now that the 3SLB has worn off we’re still completely and utterly stoked. Enjoy! And here’s to life.

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