Episode 63 - Tim Day


 Kia ora whanau! This week, Matt has the pleasure of speaking to Dr Tim Day, the race director of Tarawera Ultramarathon. It took us a while to complete the set, with Tim’s partner Paul Charteris being our first ever guest on DCR, but boy was this worth the wait! Tim is a private person, who would prefer to let Paul do the talking about the race that they both love, so we thank Tim for his generosity in speaking to us. 

Matt talks with  Tim about his journey from participant, to his role in the infamous 2014 Cyclone Lusi race, to where he sits today. We talk about the changes and challenges of putting on one of the most well-known ultramarathon races in the world, and the recent changes that the race has undergone, including Tarawera being recently sold to Ironman. We discuss how Tim is deeply passionate about the outdoors, and blending recreation with conservation in a way that is beneficial for ourselves as individuals as well as our environment. Spending weeks in the bush engaged in conservation projects and racking up incredible amounts of vertical metres at the same time. This is a brilliant conversation with a well known, but little heard voice in the international trail running community and we hope you enjoy!

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