DCR Episode 9 - Malcolm Law

Mr Malcolm Law Photo: @jamesharcombe1965

Mr Malcolm Law Photo: @jamesharcombe1965

Mal Law- Dirt Church Radio #009

Kia Ora Whanau. This week Eugene and Matt sit down with Mal Law, a man who has made, and continues to make, an indelible mark on the New Zealand trail running community. In addition to Mal’s love of adventure and story telling, perhaps what he is best known for is his ongoing advocacy and fundraising efforts for mental health, having raised to date over $800000 for the NZ Mental Health Foundation. We talk with Mal about what life is like post High 50, what the future holds for him, including his next big project. We talk about the awesomeness and the travails of  Wild Things NZ, the online trail running community that Mal has established which has garnered Mal a wide ranging and loyal following. As ever, Mal is generous with his time and we were super excited to speak to a man who has been central to the NZ trail and ultra running community for a large number of years. Enjoy!!


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