DCR Episode 5 - Dawn Tuffery

Picture: Paul Petch

Picture: Paul Petch

Kia Ora Whanau. This week we have the distinct pleasure of speaking to Dawn Tuffery, who alongside her roles as mother and video producer is also the 3 x New Zealand 100 km champ and the current New Zealand 24 hour champ (and the person who ran the farthest in the 2017 competition overall). We speak to Dawn about her varied approach to running, life, and how telling stories in different mediums is Dawn’s main love. Of course we talk about the 24 hour champs and the 100km, but we also  discuss stilt-walking, what indeed exactly a Carnie is, and when is the ideal time to put woolie socks over your Five Fingers. We ask Dawn what her Greatest Run Ever is and reflect that, as a parent, sometimes you just have to run up the mountain at three in the morning.

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