DCR Episode 2 - Fiona Hayvice

Fiona Hayvice, centre, all smiles at the start of the 2017 Tarawera Ultra. Image:  Graeme Murray

Fiona Hayvice, centre, all smiles at the start of the 2017 Tarawera Ultra. Image: Graeme Murray

Kia Ora Whanau. You all came back! How validating! For the second episode of Dirt Church Radio we have an amazing conversation with Salomon athlete Fiona Hayvice. Wellington-based Fiona initially started running in her teens as a way to enhance her well being. Fast forward several years later through an OE, some testing family times, and a stage race in Mongolia, and Fiona took several high profile podium spots at ultra marathons both here in Aotearoa and abroad. This success culminated with a win at the 102 km Tarawera Ultra in 2016 and the next year placing fifth at the 2017 Western States. We talk about Fiona’s 2018 trip to Squaw Valley to toe the line at Western States, her love of design and how she came to open a design store in Wellington with her husband, Todd. Matt butchers the name of Fiona’s store, YOYO Design by Kiwis, several times despite having it written down. Fiona discusses how running gives her the space for inspiration to take hold, how talking through a result that did meet your expectations is tough but worthwhile, and how she is adjusting to being someone who inspires others to do great things. Lastly, as ever Fiona takes us through her Greatest Run Ever. Speaking of inspiration, there may even be talk of peanut butter and gherkin sandwiches . We are stoked up beyond reckoning that you’ve tuned in and hope that you enjoy!


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