DCR Episode 14 - Lucy Bartholomew

Photo Nick Muzik

Photo Nick Muzik

Kia Ora Whanau. What were you up to when you were 22? Possibly (probably) not coming third at Western States Endurance Run and travelling the world exploring, running for Salomon, and espousing your passion for a plant-based diet like our guest this week, Lucy Bartholomew. Lucy joins us for a wide ranging conversation about her history with the sport, her ongoing successes and her beliefs that truly social and positive media can enhance experience, enjoyment and connection for young women rather than take away from it. Lucy is candid about her watermelon intake (how much is too much?), her love of running with her Dad (whilst at the same time putting the old boy to the sword) and her hopes for her future in the sport. At 22, Lucy has a boat-load of experience, running her first 100km at 15. We are beyond stoked, like to the max, to have the privilege to engage with an athlete of Lucy’s calibre and we were blown away by her knowledge, generosity, and candor.  Enjoy!!

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