DCR Episode 43 - Peter Maksimow

Peter Maksimow bossing it on the trails. Photo: Aaron Anderson

Peter Maksimow bossing it on the trails. Photo: Aaron Anderson

Kia Ora whanau!! This week on the podcast we speak with Peter Maksimow. Peter is an invo8 athlete, a mountain runner who has represented the USA, a  connoisseur of fine beer, and the Partnership and Outreach Specialist for the American Trail Running Association, a non-profit organisation that seeks greater engagement, organisation, advocacy, and education around what trail running is and the myriad benefits. Peter’s role sees him engaging with the populations that traditionally are not overly-represented in the majority of trail races. As Killer Mike says, it’s a good thing to hang out with people who don’t look like like you. This is an exceptional conversation, that is at turns funny, poignant, educational, heartfelt, and very honest. It was edifying to sit with a man who has been injured for some time, and struggling to deal with this, whilst existing in a country where big issues like diversity and inclusivity are sensitive to say the least. Peter is the man. And this is great. We are stoked to have him on the show and we hope you love it. This episode is sweet and heavy. Enjoy.

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